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How big should your mortgage payment be?

Mortgage payments are usually a homeowner's biggest monthly expense. But how big should your monthly mortgage payment be? Read here to learn more.

The real costs of dog ownership

Dog ownership is rewarding but costly. Read here to understand the true cost of dog ownership, and how you can budget your dog's expenses into your personal finances.

The easiest ways for brides to save money on their big day

Saving money on weddings doesn't mean you have to skimp on the bride's big day. Read here to learn how you can save on your wedding.

3 ways to stop spending on your baby and save for college

Saving for college is important, but spending on your new baby is tempting. Read here to learn how you can balance spending on your baby with saving for their college education.

9 things you should consider before moving in together

Moving in with your significant other comes with a lot of added responsibilities. Learn about dealing with your personal finances upon moving in with your loved one.

Side hustles to increase your income

Side jobs can help increase your annual income. This article can help you generate ideas on second jobs you could work to help boost your income.

5 ways to network on a budget

Networking is incredibly important for your career, however, it can be pricey. This article examines how you can network on a budget and still make the connections you need to succeed.

Negotiate a higher salary with these 8 tips from a Harvard professor

Asking for a higher salary can be intimidating. A Harvard professor teaches you how to negotiate your way to a higher salary.

Will a new mortgage hurt my credit score?

A new mortgage could impact your current credit score. This article explains how your credit report may be impacted by a new mortgage.

What the stuff in your closet can teach you about personal finance

What you spend your money on and never seem to use can teach you a lot about your personal finances. Learn how assessing your spending habits can help your financial planning in the future.

The missing step to getting out (and staying out) of debt

It is often easy to feel like you're drowning in debt. This article can help you get out, and stay out, of debt.

3 ways to turn your closet into cash

Do you have clothes that you never seem to wear? You can use those forgotten items of your wardrobe to generate spending cash.

This man went from $50,000 debt to running a $20 million company

This article explores how one man paid off an extraordinary amount of debt to run his own small business.

A couple explains keeping finances separate for a happy marriage

Merging personal finances with your significant other may not be the best decision for everyone. This article outlines ways married couples use separate finances to maintain a happy relationship.

7 travel hacks to save money on your next vacation

Vacation does not need to break the bank. This article outlines money hacks to help you save on vacation.

Is a 700 credit score the magic number?

Credit scores are incredibly important to maintaining your personal finance. This article discusses the possibility of finding the perfect credit score.

7 shocking ways you could be hurting your credit score

Most are aware of the financial benefits associated with maintaining good credit, but few are aware of these little known ways that you could be accidentally hurting your credit score.

The most effective way to pay off debt

Paying off debt can be done in a streamlined and effective manner. This article explores the best ways for you to pay off your debt.

Two money moves every parent should make before having kids

The cost of having a child can be enormous. These are two financial decisions every parent should make before having children.

Frugal business tips for startups

Entrepreneurial ventures are often very costly. This article outlines business tips for startups on how to stay frugal during the initial stages of your new business.

This travel blogger shares her best tips for building a business

Building a business does not mean that you need to stay stationary in life. Read how one former investment banker earned just as much money while traveling the world and building her own business.

New home? How much can you really afford?

Before you attend a single open house or read a single real estate ad, let us help you create a realistic price range.

7 ways to increase debt payoff momentum

Paying off debt routinely is not always easy. This article examines 7 ways you can increase your debt payoff momentum.

10 top money tips

Take a look at Jean Chatzky's top money tips to simplify some of the money issues you might be facing.

How I became an investor in my thirties

How one woman overcame her money fears, tackled her finances, and became an investor.

4 reasons for a low credit score despite paying your bills on time

Do you have a low credit score despite paying your bills on time? This article outlines four potential reasons your credit score is not where it should be, despite your bills being paid on time

4 strategies to stay sane while battling a student loan

Student loan debt can seem insurmountable. This article outlines ways to manage stress while paying off your student loans.

6 painless ways to save thousands

Saving is not always easy. This article explores 6 ways that can help you save thousands of dollars.

Why are so many millennials opting for pets, not parenthood?

Why are millennials opting for pets instead of parenthood? Read here to find out.

How to avoid defaulting on your student loans

Do you have student loan debt? Read here to learn tips to help you from defaulting on your student loans.

How to stay motivated when you're already debt-free

How to stay financially prepared and motivated even if you have an absence of debt in your personal financial life. Read here to learn how you can stay motivated.

6 ways to avoid becoming a target of credit card fraud

Learn six ways to avoid being the target of credit card fraud.

How to insure your paycheck

Make the most of disability insurance, a valuable but often misunderstood form of income protection.

6 money lessons from The Gilmore Girls®

Here's what Emily, Lorelai, and Rory taught us about navigating life's critical financial moments.

Organize your financial documents

Read further to discover 10 helpful categories to help you organize your financial documents.

5 overlooked things that your credit score may affect

Do you know everything that your credit score can impact? Read here to learn about 5 things that credit scores affect, that people often overlook.

New baby? Here's your new account checklist

New parents, read here to find a checklist for your new accounts.

10 ways to spend less in your 20s

Are you in your 20s? Read here for some great tips on how to save while you first establish yourself financially.

8 easy ways to put some extra cash in your pocket

Looking to put some extra cash in your pocket? Read here for 8 tips on how to do just that.

How do medical bills affect your credit?

Have you or a loved one accumulated medical bills recently? Read here to find out how medical bills can affect your credit.

5 ways to encourage your savings habit

If you are looking for tips on how to boost your savings habits, look no further. Read here for 5 tips on encouraging yourself to save.

10 tips to help you win every negotiation

Negotiating can be stressful. Read this article to find 10 useful tips on becoming a better and more powerful negotiator.

3 things to keep in mind as a freelancer

Are you a freelance employee? Read here to learn about 3 common money mistakes made by freelancers.

How to avoid spending temptations

Do you find yourself tempted to spend on unnecessary expenses? Read this article for advice on how to quell your spending temptations.

How much should I have in savings for emergencies?

The money in an emergency fund needs to be readily accessible, and it should be reserved solely for unforeseen expenses. Read this article to see how much you really need to set aside.

A guide to renting your first grown-up apartment

Your first apartment where your name is on the lease and you pay the rent is a total game changer. Read this article to guide you through the process.

5 tips for saving on car insurance after college

Are you a recent college graduate? Read this article for 5 tips on saving on your car insurance.

4 purposes for a proactive financial calendar

Like other areas of your life, organization is key to productive success. Learn how and why to create a proactive financial calendar and organize your finances today.

5 money mindset hacks to explode your income

Read how to change your money mindset. A lot of the time, money isn't about the physical green paper; it's about the psychology of money and our attitude towards it.

When 'saving money' actually costs us more on purchases

Money saving offers don't come without a catch. Learn these tips and tricks so you don't get caught in one of them.

Talking about money with family doesn't have to be stressful

Read this article for tips on how to talk to your significant other or family members about money. No more stressful money talks!

3 strategies to generate wealth

Learn how wealth differs from income, and how you can grow your wealth to enable a more comfortable lifestyle.

4 quick ways to save on car insurance

Car insurance. Whether you hate it or love it, the expense is pretty much a must. Learn more about how you can save on car insurance.

How to negotiate a raise

To prove to your boss you are a top-performer, learn which few things you should get in order before you decide to ask.

Does this purchase make my life better?

If you want one powerful, burning question to cut through your financial situation like a hot knife through butter, this is the one. Read more.

6 smart and simple money tips for new grads

Here are six tips for recent grads to help you stay financially responsible while trying to get your life in the real world started.

What college didn't teach you about money

It may seem like you learned a lot over your college career, but you probably didn't take a class on how to repay your student loans or what to do with a 401(k). Learn more about what important financial decisions you'll have to make soon after graduation.

Why living with your parents is not as bad as you think

Regardless of all of the negative connotations, living at home can provide some wonderful financial benefits. Learn more.

What to know about disability insurance

Learn about disability insurance. It's time to educate yourself on the risks in your future and what can happen if you don't protect yourself financially.

7 debt payoffs that boost your credit score the most

If you are looking to increase your credit score, here are some ways to improve your score by tackling certain debts head on.

Buy vs. lease?
Which one is right for you?

Figuring out whether to buy or lease a car is not as complicated as you might think. Check out this infographic and learn which option might be best for you.

New grads: Avoid these 5 money mistakes

Graduating college is a huge victory. Learn how to stay on the right path and avoid these 5 money mistakes most grads make.

Power of small amounts

See how a change as small as a 1 percent increase in your contribution to your workplace savings plan can make a big difference for the future.

4 financial fallacies that mess up your life

Finances are one thing in life you want to get right. Avoid these four fallacies to make sure you're getting on the right track. Learn more.

The 7-point checklist for making sure you can afford to invest

Go through this 7-point checklist to make sure you can afford to invest.

11 things to do in the first five years after college

Now is the best opportunity you will have to keep out of financial trouble and develop a solid foundation. Learn these small financial changes that can have a big future impact.

A newly unemployed person's guide to severance pay

If you have been laid off or let go, you may be wondering how severance pay actually works or when you get it.

Would you take a pay cut in exchange for work-life balance?

Would You Take a Pay Cut in Exchange for Work-Life Balance? Studies Say You Would. Read more.

Why money makes you stressed

New research underscores the importance of managing financial worry, and not a minute too soon. A recent study from benefits firm Willis Towers Watson sheds light on the prevalence of financial stress. Read more.

Planning a family: Financial and career considerations

The notion of pregnancy itself is daunting enough, but what about your career?  Will you be able to afford a baby?  Take a deep breath: planning is helpful.

4 hidden costs of selling your home

Selling a home can be a stressful and surprisingly expensive process. Some costs can be unexpected. Let's go over four of them.

3 mindsets that dictate how you approach your money

The key to making our dreams a reality comes down to three mindsets: commitment, fear, and happiness.

Journey to financial wellness

Financial wellness connects financial independence with emotional and physical well-being. Learn more about how to start the journey.

How to calculate a monthly return on investment

Wondering how your investments are performing? Use these simple methods to calculate the returns on your portfolio each month.

5 tips to spring clean your financial closet

As the calendar rushes headlong into spring, it's time to start emerging from the winter doldrums and breathe some fresh air into your financial life. Learn how.

5 crucial financial moves to make before you get married

Finding a partner for life is a challenge, but basic money management is perhaps a bigger challenge. Learn about these 5 financial things you should do before you get married.

5 things you don't have to figure out by 30

Life milestones, such as turning 30, encourage a state of reflection. Rest assured: there are some things that you can figure out later in life.

Demystifying your paycheck

Admit it: you were a little disappointed when you got your first paycheck. Sure, it was great to be making money, but the direct deposit that hit your bank account was a lot smaller than you expected. Here's why.

6 key musts on finding time to build your financial future

Here are ways you can find time to make your financial future brighter.

4 unexpected costs when leaving your parents' nest

Being financially independent can be costly. Read this article for four unexpected costs of living off of your parents dime.

The 7 best money-saving tips

Trying to save up some money? Read further to find 7 tips on ways you can save starting today.

Setting your money "normal"

How you define your money normal impacts your life in huge ways: your ability to pay your bills, educate your kids, buy a home or retire in comfort and security.

Investing on your own? Protect your info online

Here are some pointers for the DIY investor, as well as anyone logging onto a site or opening up an app with sensitive information.

What you need to know about student loan refinancing

Many student loan borrowers could save money by refinancing their loans, but they don't know where to start. Learn how to manage your student loans.

The magical art of tidying your financial life

Learning to organize is great for messes in our kitchens and closets, but it can apply to every part of our lives—even money.

Tell an advisor by the letters

The capital letters after your advisor's name denote more than alphabet soup. Here's a breakdown of what the letters mean and how your advisor can—and cannot—help you. Learn more.

Getting your finances to go viral

Getting your finances into viral mode means you have a plan of action combined with the willingness and desire to build momentum toward success. Learn how.

How does Social Security work?

Is Social Security going to be around for you when you're retired? Get the details on how it works.

How to tackle the top 3 student loan issues

Student debt is a growing concern. Read this article to learn about how you could manage the top 3 issues.

Secrets to getting what you want

Do you know someone who seems to be on a life-long lucky streak? Learn the ways to train your thinking to better manifest what you want and make it far more likely to happen.

Take this one step to save money on food

Learning some cooking tips and tricks will help you avoid going out as well as save money in the supermarket.

Lessons learned from a female financial role model

Who is your financial role model? Discover the lessons you can learn from your role model's decisions.

Enhance your wardrobe on a budget

If you are overdue for a new look, here are some smart ways you can upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.

Use life hacks to minimize bad decisions

What is cognitive bias and how can you address your own with financial life hacks? Find out here.

4 secrets for success to millennials

Unfortunately, success may be a lot more random than we’d like to think. Find out some secrets to success here.

A disconnect in money, logic and emotion

Read this article to discover the ways that money and emotions can sometimes work against each other

How much house can you really afford?

As an aspiring homeowner, there are some things you should know before you start touring houses. Find out how much house you can truly afford.

A farm’s lessons in long-term planning

It may sound strange, but learning a few lessons from a potato farmer may help you make financial decisions.

Risk: Your best friend and worst enemy

Taking risks can be scary, but it can also be lucrative. Learn about different ways to think about risk in your life.

Should you get a second job?

Do you need a second job in order to stay afloat? Ask yourself these questions to determine if taking on an additional role is the right move for you.

What is our attention really worth?

Can you put a monetary value on your attention? Examine how you're spending your energy and whether it's really worth it.

Controlling what’s really affordable

What does "affordable" really mean? It could mean that you have enough money in the bank to buy something. But does that purchase really make the best use of your money?

Financial lessons from Bonnie McKee

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee has some tips based on her life experience for how to become financially successful.

Reach goals with a simple financial plan

Figuring out how to use your money doesn't have to be complicated. Make it simple with this one cohesive plan.

Turn your money "shoulds" into action

You know you "should" start saving money or planning for your retirement, but it can be difficult to translate the thought into action. Get tips on how to take the first step.

7 reasons your financial life is a mess

Are you struggling to get a hold on your finances? See how to fix some common pitfalls.

Focus on opportunities, not the shoals

Instead of focusing on the financial obstacles, pay attention to the opportunities between them. Get a lesson about navigating the financial world.

Helicopter parent ruining your finances?

Your parent just wants what's best for you, but sometimes their "help" can harm, rather than improve, your finances.

10 things college grads need to know

Get 10 important tips about entering the working world. They may just help make the transition a bit smoother.

How to land more interviews

Job searching is not necessarily a numbers game. Get job searching tips from a career and life coach.

3 menacing myths about student loans

Find out the 3 common student loan myths so you don't fall into potential traps set by lenders.

Money talk: finance terms for beginners

What's the difference between net income and net worth? What does APR stand for? Get a definition of some common finance terms.

Graduating without a plan?

What job are you supposed to get after college when your passion doesn't line up with your degree? Find out how one person ended up at the White House after graduating without a plan.

Don't make these mistakes, millennials

Establishing great habits today could help your financial life stay in shape down the line. Learn how to avoid common money pitfalls.

Personal finance: 5 areas not to ignore

At some point, you'll have to take a broader look at your finances instead of focusing on the day-to-day money in/money out cycle. Find out what 5 areas of personal finance you shouldn't ignore.

Things to know about the 'real world'

What should you know when you graduate from college?

Five basics about the stock market

Considering investing for the first time? It's important to get the basic information down before you make your first trade.

Making money secondary in decisions

Earning as much money as possible is often the primary motivation behind job decisions, but sometimes it's wiser to consider it a secondary factor.

Save thousands on your student loan debt

Preparing for extra interest from unsubsidized loans before the six-month grace period ends can help you reduce your cumulative loan burden. Learn how to prepare.

6 tips to better negotiate your salary

Negotiating your salary may be a tricky process. Get 6 tips that can help you be better prepared.

Avoid these 9 money mistakes

9 people discuss their biggest financial regrets. Check out their stories so you can learn from them.

7 finance tips for college students

Developing healthy money habits during college can help you start out on the right foot once you graduate.

Findings from the Millennial Money Study

Crisis averted: Surviving a market meltdown

Seeing your portfolio dip may worry you, but letting your emotions govern your investment decisions may not be a wise idea. Learn how to weather the lows.
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