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3 ways to stop spending on your baby and save for college

Saving for college is important, but spending on your new baby is tempting. Read here to learn how you can balance spending on your baby with saving for their college education.

Are your college savings on track?

Our new calculator makes it easy to see whether your savings are on track and make adjustments if not.

How much do you get in taxes for a baby?

Having a baby comes with a lot of financial planning and expenses. One financial benefit of having a new child are the tax exemptions. Read here to learn more.

Two money moves every parent should make before having kids

The cost of having a child can be enormous. These are two financial decisions every parent should make before having children.

New home? How much can you really afford?

Before you attend a single open house or read a single real estate ad, let us help you create a realistic price range.

New parents: save money with these 5 tips

New parents, here are some money saving tips for you. Read here to learn about how you can improve your financial planning by saving.

Preparing your finances for a baby

Follow these tips to baby-proof your budget.

13 unexpected costs of having a kid

Are you thinking of having a kid? Read here to shed some light on unexpected costs of bringing a child into your life.

New baby? Here's your new account checklist

New parents, read here to find a checklist for your new accounts.

3 financial planning must-dos for new parents

Are you a new parent? Read here to find 3 financial planning must-dos to ensure your family is financially secure for the future.

Top 10 money mistakes new parents make

Are you a new parent? Read here and learn from the financial mistakes of the new parents that came before you.

Frugal living tips for stay-at-home parents

Stay-at-home-moms and stay-at-home-dads are usually the queens and kings of frugality, but sometimes money isn't everything. Read more about how the choices you make as a stay-at-home parent positively impact the life of you and your kids.

Should you save for your child's college education?

Virtually everyone thinks saving for college is important, but according to the College Savings Foundation, just over half are actually putting money away for their child's education. Learn why you should start saving.

Five ways to help manage the costs of kids

Raising a child isn't cheap. Learn about some key expenses and how you can best prepare.

Teach your kids how to pay for their own education

Just because you don't have the cash on hand doesn't mean your kids can't pursue a higher education. The solution is to have your kids pay for all or a part of their own education.

The ABC's of 529 college savings plans

Whether you've got toddlers or teenagers one thing is certain: paying for college seems to get more expensive every year. Learn about 529 plans and how they can help you prepare.

Having a baby

Bringing a baby into the world means change all around. Learn about the financial ones here.

4 ways to teach your kids the value of a dollar

Financial literacy can be learned at any age, but the earlier we start teaching our kids, the better prepared they will be for their adult lives. Learn more.

Planning a family: Financial and career considerations

The notion of pregnancy itself is daunting enough, but what about your career?  Will you be able to afford a baby?  Take a deep breath: planning is helpful.

New baby? Here are 3 critical money shifts you need to make

A new baby brings serious financial changes. Learn how to prepare for this new life stage.

6 steps to curb materialism in your kids

Children are ever-changing beings, but when it comes to money and materialism, too many parents think that their older offspring are not malleable at all.

No emergency fund? Here's how to start one—fast

See suggestions from financial planners for kickstarting an emergency fund and keeping it safe from all the other money needs you may have.

How to maximize the child care tax credit

Read about the Child Care Tax Credit and how caregiving expenses could help you.

5 money lessons from life with a newborn

Here are 5 lessons about personal finance and investing that you can take from life as a new parent.

Emotional balance sheet to guide you

You can't put a number on intangible aspects of your life, but you can value them as much as you would a precious possession. Learn about adding emotional items to your balance sheet.

5 tips for new parents

A new child is a gift for every parent, but it's also a large expense. See tips that can help.
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