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How to stop the money fights and grow (wealthy) as a couple

Wealth management as a couple can lead to fighting and miscommunication. Learn how you can communicate with your significant other about wealth management and grow as a couple.

When you can't afford to be a bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but comes with a high price tag. Learn about tips you can use to help you save money that you can put toward bridesmaid expenses.

The wedding dilemma: old, new, borrowed, and now you're blue

Budgeting when it comes to your wedding can be difficult. Learn how you can still have your dream wedding while sticking to your budget.

7 easy ways to save on your honeymoon

Saving money while traveling is never easy, but saving money on your honeymoon can be particularly hard. Learn how to save money while enjoying your honeymoon here.

What kind of wedding gifts should you expect?

Weddings are an incredibly exciting time in one’s life. At the end of the day, what financial help or gifts you get at your wedding can help you get on your feet and establish financial independence. Learn what you can expect to receive from your wedding

How to buy a gorgeous wedding dress for less

Buying your wedding dress on a budget doesn't mean you have to pass up the dress of your dreams. Learn how to budget for your wedding here.

A couple explains keeping finances separate for a happy marriage

Merging personal finances with your significant other may not be the best decision for everyone. This article outlines ways married couples use separate finances to maintain a happy relationship.

8 places to look for a budget wedding gown

Are you planning for your wedding day? The expenses can pile up fast, so read here to learn how you can budget for your wedding accordingly.

Smart financial tips for newlyweds

Getting married comes with a slew of financial decisions. This article outlines smart financial decisions for newlyweds, and how you can make sure to start your life together on the right foot financially.

New home? How much can you really afford?

Before you attend a single open house or read a single real estate ad, let us help you create a realistic price range.

How to throw a bridal shower on a budget

Are you planning on throwing a bridal shower? These parties can get very expensive; this article gives tips on how you can throw a bridal shower on a budget.

7 reasons a winter wedding is more frugal

Are you thinking about getting married this year? This article explains why getting married in the winter may save you money in the long run.

5 financial topics to discuss after the honeymoon

Financial discussions with your spouse can sometimes be difficult. After your honeymoon, here are 5 financial topics to discuss with your new life partner.

Smart tax tips for newlyweds

Life after marriage can often be confusing from a financial perspective. Read these tips on smart approaches to taxes for newlyweds.

3 important financial steps to take before the wedding

Marriage is an incredibly exciting time in someone's life. Learn how to properly plan from a financial perspective by reading further.

33 wedding hacks to save you money

Read these 33 wedding hacks that will leave your big day looking like it had a big price tag at a fraction of the cost.

Financial bliss for newlyweds

One of the biggest contributors to a successful marriage is communication and agreement over finances. Learn more.

10 financial tips for planning your dream wedding

Want your dream wedding without wiping your bank account? Read this article to learn how you can.

How to book a luxury honeymoon using miles and points

For the average honeymooner, traveling can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Learn how some people can do it for less than $1,500.

Getting married

5 things to keep in mind when negotiating a prenup

One of the best ways to eliminate any doubt when it comes to love and money is to negotiate a prenuptial agreement. Learn how.

5 crucial financial moves to make before you get married

Finding a partner for life is a challenge, but basic money management is perhaps a bigger challenge. Learn about these 5 financial things you should do before you get married.

Money decisions for couples

You share life and love with your spouse or partner, but are you detached from money matters? Here's why and how to find more balance in your financial decision-making.

10 ways couples can finish rich

Getting married changes things. Get started on a path to a rich future for you and your partner by following these 10 steps.

No emergency fund? Here's how to start one—fast

See suggestions from financial planners for kickstarting an emergency fund and keeping it safe from all the other money needs you may have.

How a good credit score could make you a better partner

Using data from Equifax, economists found a strong correlation between successful relationships and good credit scores. Learn more.

Thinking about a joint credit card?

While there are certainly some potential benefits to opening a joint credit card account, a simpler alternative might be just as useful. Learn more.

Tips for merging marriage and debt

When you merge your money as newlyweds, debt can become the elephant in the room. Get tips on managing a spouse's debt.

Tying the financial knot

Take a look at our checklist for tips on how to merge your finances efficiently when you get married.
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