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The wedding dilemma: old, new, borrowed, and now you're blue

Budgeting when it comes to your wedding can be difficult. Learn how you can still have your dream wedding while sticking to your budget.

How to offset the effect of a car loan on your credit

Your car loan can effect your credit score. Learn how you can offset the effect of your car loan on your credit score to maintain good credit.

7 things to do before applying for a mortgage

Before applying for a mortgage, you should understand these key factors that can impact your mortgage rate. Learn more about what to know before applying for a mortgage.

8 steps to buying your first car

Buying your first car can be a confusing process. Use these 8 tips to help guide you through the car buying process.

New home? How much can you really afford?

Before you attend a single open house or read a single real estate ad, let us help you create a realistic price range.

Rent or buy? We can help

Trying to decide which works best for your budget? Let us run the numbers for you.

Why do you need a down payment, anyway?

Do you ever wonder why you need a down payment? This article explains the benefits of a down payment and why they are necessary.

The 12 key differences between buying and renting a home

Read here for highlights on the key differences between buying a home and renting a home.

Should you buy your car at the end of a car lease?

To buy, or not to buy? That is the question. Read here for tips on whether you should purchase your car at the end of its lease or not.

Why are so many millennials opting for pets, not parenthood?

Why are millennials opting for pets instead of parenthood? Read here to find out.

Which is better: leasing a car or buying one?

To buy, or not to buy? That is the question. Read here for tips on whether you should purchase your car at the end of its lease or not.

Big purchases for a small-business budget

Making big purchases as a small-business owner can be scary. Read here to learn how to balance investing in your business with budgeting your money.

How we got out of debt and bought a house

Fidelity understands that debt can seem insurmountable, and can keep people from achieving life goals such as buying a home. Read here to learn how one couple got out of debt and bought a house in merely six years.

Applying for a credit limit increase: what you should know

Are you applying for a credit limit increase? Here is what you need to know.

How we saved $40,000 to travel the world for a year

Do you dream of traveling the world and never coming home? Read here to see how one couple successfully made that dream a reality.

How to find a moving company without blowing your budget

Moving is always a big expense, but finding a reliable moving company doesn't have to be. Read here for tips on finding a moving company without blowing your budget.

5 tips for saving on car insurance after college

Are you a recent college graduate? Read this article for 5 tips on saving on your car insurance.

To rent or to buy? That is the question

Is buying a home a bad investment or renting a home a waste of money? Learn more about the dynamics between renting and home buying to make a financially sound decision.

3 key tips for mortgage shopping

These three key tips for mortgage shopping can help you be a smart homebuyer, and possibly save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Learn more how simple steps can make a big difference.

Buy vs. lease?
Which one is right for you?

Figuring out whether to buy or lease a car is not as complicated as you might think. Check out this infographic and learn which option might be best for you.

7 signs you can't afford to buy a home

If any of these signs strike a chord with you, you may want to delay taking on a mortgage in the near future.

How to book a luxury honeymoon using miles and points

For the average honeymooner, traveling can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Learn how some people can do it for less than $1,500.

5 signs you're not ready to buy a house

Home owning isn't as easy as it may seem. Consider these 5 signs before you purchase a home.

8 things you should always buy with a credit card

There are some situations when it's smarter to choose credit over debit—as long as you pay your bills on time, that is. Use your credit card for these 8 types of purchases.

9 hidden costs of buying a home

If you're considering buying a home, be mindful of these extra expenses when establishing your budget.

Leases and lengthier loans can reduce car payments

Car shoppers are increasingly favoring financial arrangements like leases and longer-term loans that allow them to buy costlier vehicles but with more manageable monthly payments.

5 expenses that will cost more because of a low credit score

Learn about the 5 services and products that you may pay more for because of a low credit score.

Rent vs buy

Buying a home is an opportunity to settle down, join a community, and build equity. But when is it better to buy?

A disconnect in money, logic and emotion

Read this article to discover the ways that money and emotions can sometimes work against each other

How much house can you really afford?

As an aspiring homeowner, there are some things you should know before you start touring houses. Find out how much house you can truly afford.

A farm’s lessons in long-term planning

It may sound strange, but learning a few lessons from a potato farmer may help you make financial decisions.

Split Decisions: Buy a car or lease it

Jean Chatzky weighs the pros and cons of buying or leasing a car. See how her rationale applies to you. (2:26)

Split Decisions: Buy a home or rent

Jean Chatzky can help you decide whether you should buy or rent your next home. Watch the video. (2:17)

Need a vaca? Here's how to save for one

Not sure where you'll get the money for the tropical getaway of your dreams? Here are some ingenious ways to save up so you can afford to go on vacation.

Controlling what’s really affordable

What does "affordable" really mean? It could mean that you have enough money in the bank to buy something. But does that purchase really make the best use of your money?

Are you really ready to buy a house?

Owning a home allows you the ability to build equity. But before you take the leap, ask yourself these questions.
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