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Where do you stand? Year-end review

Follow our 3-step plan to help ensure you're on track to meet your long-term goals.

Time to rebalance?

Reality check your investments so you aren’t taking on too much—or too little—risk.

Republicans take Washington

What to expect from Donald Trump's unexpected victory and a Republican Congress

Should I start investing in stocks?

Don't be scared by stocks—you probably need them to reach your long-term goals.

Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds: How do I decide which is right for me?

Wondering which security—stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds—may be best suited for you? This infographic highlights the differences for each to help in your decision-making process.

What happens to delisted shares?

Despite negative connotations, delisting technically just means the removal of a listed stock from its exchange, and there are a few reasons that can happen. Learn why.

Stocks and Bonds 101

In this video, we'll tackle two of the most basic investing types you should know: stocks and bonds. (1:41)

What is a call option?

Using options is an aggressive move in the stock market, but using them correctly could help reduce risk in your portfolio.

Investing basics: What's a sector?

Not all stocks are created equal. Learn about sectors and why several of them should be represented in your portfolio. (1:23)
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Make money part of your curriculum

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Get to know Fidelity

See how we came to be and what we hope to help you achieve.

Start budgeting: Meet Cinch

Introducing CinchSM from Fidelity, a simple way to track your saving and spending. Just answer a couple of questions to get started.