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60% of Americans aren't prepared for an unexpected expense

Are you ready for an unexpected expense? Do you have an emergency savings account? This article examines the necessity of being financially prepared for a rainy day.

8 easy ways to put some extra cash in your pocket

Looking to put some extra cash in your pocket? Read here for 8 tips on how to do just that.

Save before you invest...then invest!

You should save before you invest. Here are ways to get an emergency fund started-and then get back to retirement saving.

Managing your money when you lose your job

Losing a job can be very difficult. So while you're searching for your next gig, here are a few tips to keep your financial life humming.

How to rebuild your finances

Building yourself up when you feel like you've hit bottom financially may be difficult. Follow these steps to start rebuilding your finances.

Investing basics: 3 things you need to know about emergency funds

An emergency fund should be there for you just in case. Get tips on how you could build one. (1:41)

The budgeting mistake—and how to fix it

Find out if you're making these budgeting mistakes and learn how you can improve.
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Make money part of your curriculum

So maybe you're not majoring in money. We can still help you better understand the basics of your own financial life.


Get access to a library of carefully selected content that can help you navigate through life's major milestones.

Get to know Fidelity

See how we came to be and what we hope to help you achieve.

Start budgeting: Meet Cinch

Introducing CinchSM from Fidelity, a simple way to track your saving and spending. Just answer a couple of questions to get started.