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Beta Products

Fidelity  Market Monitor for Glass

Fidelity Market Monitor for GlassTM

Stay connected to the markets. This free Fidelity Market Monitor for GlassTM is a powerful mobile solution providing you with daily market quotes for four major stock market indices (Dow Jones Industrial AverageTM, S&P 500®, NASDAQ Composite, Russell 2000®) delivered directly to your Google Glass.

Fidelity Windows Phone app

Fidelity® Windows Phone 8® App

Stay connected to the markets and your money. This free Fidelity App for Windows Phone 8® is a powerful mobile solution providing you with news and trading tools in the palm of your hand.

Fidelity Market Monitor Verizon FiOS

Fidelity® Market Monitor Verizon FiOS®

Stay on top of the market without going to Fidelity.com using Fidelity Market Monitor Widget. Personalize a new watch list, chart stocks, or just stay current on the latest market news.

fidelity watch list

Fidelity® Watch List Visualization

This new feature for iPad® is integrated with the Fidelity® iPad app. Find new insights by monitoring price changes over time, and compare Watch List symbols in a heatmap. Launch from the Fidelity® iPad app, see how stock prices change over time, and compare watch list stocks on a heatmap.

fidelity open limit order visualization

Fidelity® Open Limit Order Visualization

This application is provided by Fidelity Labs in an early test pilot of an innovative user interaction as part of Fidelity's® design and development process. Look for new insights into open limit orders by monitoring how relatively close or far the order is to executing, based on the limit price, the approximate price at time of order entry, and the current market price. The application may not display all your account data. For information about your account, please refer to the account and order pages on Fidelity.com


Graduated Products

Thanks to your support the following products have graduated from Labs.

Fidelity Podcasts Fidelity® Podcasts
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Fidelity Investments on Twitter

Fidelity Investments® on Twitter®


Fidelity Investments on Facebook

Fidelity Investments® on Facebook®


Fidelity App for iPhone

Fidelity® App for iPhone®

Fidelity Market Monitor Widget

Fidelity® Market Monitor Desktop Widgets & Gadgets

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Download Windows 7 Gadget
fidelity health insurance Fidelity® Health & Insurance
Fidelity® Market Monitor for HP Touchpad