How a Managed Account Works

A managed account is all about having an experienced team handle the day-to-day responsibilities of taking care of your money. Here's how we make it work.


Let us help you reach the only goals that matter—yours

A plan built for you

Once we get to know you and better understand your goals, we'll suggest a strategy designed to help you meet those goals. When you're ready to move forward, your team will put your plan into action, making the day-to-day investment decisions regarding your account to help make

A team to stay on top of things

Your team will keep an experienced eye on both your account and the markets. If markets move significantly, we'll adjust your investments to keep your strategy aligned with your goals. And as your life changes, we can help make sure the way you're invested changes as well.

You're always informed

As we make changes to your account, we'll let you know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and what we're thinking. While we'll reach out once a year to check in, you can call us any time for any reason.

Next steps

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