FAQs: Update for your Fidelity Managed Account

  • Why is Fidelity making this change?

    We regularly evaluate and adjust our offerings as part of our longstanding commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals and in response to clients' evolving needs.

    We believe that combining financial planning with discretionary investment management and support from Fidelity representatives will put clients in a better position to reach their financial goals.

  • When will these changes take effect?

    The new advisory offering, Fidelity® Wealth Services, is effective on July 16, 2018. All existing accounts will move over to the new program structure.

  • How will this change benefit me?

    Our experience has shown that working with a financial advisor to plan and manage your full financial picture can help make it easier to deal with complex investment decisions. Unified services and simplified pricing should provide a better overall experience as well as better position clients to achieve their financial goals.

  • Will my fees be changing?

    The gross advisory fee for your existing accounts will not increase. If the new pricing structure results in an increase to the gross advisory fee on your existing accounts, a discount will be applied to avoid the increase. The discount will only apply to existing accounts. Any new accounts that are opened will be subject to the new pricing structure. Please see the Fidelity® Wealth Services Program Fundamentals for more information on the calculation of the discount for existing accounts.

  • Will the way my account is invested be impacted by this change?

    No, your current investment team will continue to manage your account based on your investor profile.

  • Will this change impact who I work with at Fidelity?

    No, you can continue to work with us as you do today.

  • Is there anything I need to do in advance of this change?

    No, there's nothing you need to do. Changes will take place automatically.

  • How can I learn more about this new advisory offering?

    Feel free to contact us at 800-544-3455, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern time. We're here to help.