Your Investment Team: 
Strategic Advisers, Inc.

When you open a managed account, the investment decisions for your account will be handled by Strategic Advisers, Inc., a registered investment adviser and Fidelity Investments company.

About Strategic Advisers

  • More than 130 investment professionals, including over 70 research analysts who research and monitor over 1,300 investment managers across the globe*
  • More than $200 billion in assets under management*
  • Managing client accounts for over 25 years

Meet the people who will be managing your money.

How we construct and manage your portfolio

Strategic Advisers' portfolio construction and management process includes in-depth research and analysis, visits to hundreds of money managers annually, and a focus on long-term asset allocation.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Identify an appropriate long-term asset allocation – Based on the information you provide, we'll determine the investment strategy that we believe will suit your goals and tolerance for risk.
  • Invest your assets – We’ll choose from thousands of investments and determine the appropriate asset mix for the portfolio.
  • Reallocate and adjust – We’ll reallocate and rebalance the managed account as necessary to help ensure that your investments stay on track.
  • Assess holdings and managers – We may add or remove investments from the managed account as we respond to market activity.
  • Conduct an annual review – We’ll conduct a comprehensive annual review to help ensure your account is still aligned with your financial situation and goals.