News about Fidelity Go®: Introducing a new fund lineup

On April 13, 2018, we'll be making changes to the pricing model and underlying funds for Fidelity Go®. Starting on that date, we will begin to transition most of the current investments held in Fidelity Go accounts to a mix of Fidelity FlexSM mutual funds. Account holders will be notified when these trades are made, at which time they'll have the opportunity to review the relevant fund prospectuses. Note that the investment strategy and risk profile you choose for your Fidelity Go account will not change as part of this transition.

If you decide to open a taxable account, you may owe taxes on any gains from the sale of any fund shares held in your account. If you have concerns about the potential tax consequences resulting from these sales, you can consider transferring the funds held in your Fidelity Go account into a self-directed brokerage account by April 6th, 2018. Be advised, however, that doing so would close your Fidelity Go account.

If you decide to open a tax-advantaged account, this change to the investments in your Fidelity Go account will not create tax consequences for you.

For additional information on Fidelity Flex funds or our new pricing model, please refer to the frequently asked questions.