Managed Accounts FAQs: Fidelity® Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Index Strategy

General account information

Contact information

  • Whom should I contact for assistance with my account?

    Your Fidelity representative can help you with your money management needs, including answering any investment questions associated with your account, discussing your investment strategy, and ensuring that your strategy remains consistent with your long-term goals and objectives.

    Call 800-544-3455 (8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday) to talk to a representative.

  • Whom should I contact to update account features or initiate monetary transactions?

    A Portfolio Advisory Services representative will ensure that your transactions are executed correctly and efficiently and that all account issues are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

    Call 800-544-3455 (8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday) to talk to a representative.

  • What mailing address should I use?

    For monetary and maintenance forms and requests:

    • Fidelity Investments
      PO Box 770001
      Cincinnati, OH 45277- 0017

    For additional deposits:

    • Fidelity Investments
      PO Box 770001
      Cincinnati, OH 45277- 0003

Handling account transactions

Advisory fees and schedules

  • How can I track the quarterly advisory fee associated with my account?

    Fidelity® Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Index Strategy fees are displayed on your monthly account statements, which provide a summary of all activity in your account and the current market value of your investments. Your fees will be automatically withdrawn from your account approximately 45 days after quarter end. The payment transaction will be listed under the Account Summary and Transaction Detail sections of your monthly statement.

  • Are there any additional charges to my account?

    You will not pay any additional sales loads, short-term trading fees, commissions, or redemption fees for the investments purchased or sold in your Portfolio Advisory Services account. As a result, the Investment Management Team can put more of your money to work for you because your account is not charged additional sales expenses. Investments in separately managed accounts (SMAs) are subject to the management and operating expenses of the SMA manager, which are charged through the advisory fee. In funding your account, any securities that Strategic Advisers, Inc. sells will be subject to redemption and other applicable fees, including commissions on sales of securities; however, under certain circumstances, Portfolio Advisory Services may voluntarily assume the costs of certain commissions. In addition, any applicable transaction fees and commissions made on the sales of securities for your account are paid by the service;* however, unaffiliated market makers may still charge spreads when executing these orders.

    * The fees do not cover charges resulting from trades effected with or through broker-dealers other than Strategic Advisers, Inc. or its affiliates, mark-ups or mark-downs by such other broker-dealers, transfer taxes, exchange fees, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fees, odd-lot differentials, handling charges, electronic fund and wire transfer fees, and any other charges imposed by law or otherwise agreed to with regard to your account. The respective charges will be reflected on your monthly statement.