Managed Accounts FAQs: BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio

General Account Information

Contact Information

  • Whom should I contact for assistance with my account?

    Your personal portfolio specialist can help you with your money management needs, including answering any investment questions associated with your account.

    Call 800-544-3455 (8 a.m. to 7 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday) to talk to your portfolio specialist.

Handling Account Transactions

  • How can I conduct monetary transactions online?

    A number of monetary transactions can be processed on Withdrawals from a BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio account are limited to 25% of your account net worth per day up to a maximum of $100,000.

    Online money movement capabilities for BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio accounts include:

    • Cash transfers between your Fidelity accounts
    • Contributions to your IRA
    • Withdrawals from your IRA
    • Fund transfers between your BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio account and your bank account

    To access online money movement options on

    1. Log in to your BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio Account.
    2. Select Accounts & Trade from the main navigation menu
    3. Select the Transfer Money/Shares link, then choose whether you'd like to transfer into, between, or out of your Fidelity accounts.
    4. Using the dropdown menu, select the account you would like to transfer from.
    5. Designate the account you would like the money transferred to.

    Please note that certain restrictions apply. You may contact your portfolio specialist for more information. Generally, redemption requests for BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio accounts must be received before 12 p.m. Eastern time for same-day processing.

  • How can I make deposits to my account?

    To make a deposit by check to your BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio account, make your check payable to National Financial Services. Be sure to include your account number on your check and send it to:

    Fidelity Investments
    P O Box 770001
    Cincinnati, OH 45277 - 0003

    To transfer funds to your account by bank wire services, provide the following information to your bank:

    Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, NY
    Routing Number: 021-000-021
    FCC National Financial Services
    Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service Account
    FBO: (Customer Name)
    For Final Credit to:
    Y9X-XXXXXX (insert your account number)

    Be sure to notify your representative of any expected bank wires. Note that your bank may charge a fee for money wiring.

    Any cash you deposit to your account will be immediately invested in a Fidelity money market fund, and then portioned to various investments according to the BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio, generally within two business days.

  • How can I withdraw from my account?

    When you withdraw money from your account, you may have a check sent to you, have money wired to your bank account, or have funds transferred to another Fidelity account.

    To request a one-time withdrawal or to schedule withdrawals on a regular basis, choose the most convenient way to move your moneyLog In Required.

    Note: If the check is to be sent to an address that is not reflected on your account, a signature-guaranteed letter of instruction is required. You can obtain a signature guarantee in person at some banks, and at many brokerage offices.

  • How do I receive cash from my account?

    Contact your portfolio specialist to request a one-time withdrawal or setup automatic withdrawal instructions on your account. Options for withdrawal depend on your account details and may include:

    • Transfer of money directly to another Fidelity account.
    • Deposit of funds to your bank account via electronic funds transfer.
    • Request to have a check mailed to you.
  • What happens to the income my account generates?

    Income paid to your account will be distributed as cash and, upon obtaining thresholds deemed appropriate by your investment team, will be reinvested into securities in accordance with the targeted exposures of your BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio.

  • How frequently will my account generates dividends and interest?

    Underlying securities held in your account may pay out distributions at varying frequencies. The most common dividend frequencies are annually, biannually, and quarterly. Although uncommon, some securities can also pay a monthly dividend. These varying dividend frequencies can result in income amounts being higher or lower in any particular month.

  • How can I establish an additional BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio account?

    To establish an additional account for your household, contact your portfolio specialist or client management team who can help you complete another Investor Profile Questionnaire, as your objectives for this account may differ from your existing account.

    Note: The minimum initial investment for an additional BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio account is $100,000.

Advisory Fees and Schedules

  • How can I track the quarterly advisory fee associated with my account?

    Advisory fee listings display on your monthly account statements, which provide a summary of all activity in your account and the current market value of your investments. Your advisory fee will be paid by an automatic withdrawal from your account on a quarterly basis. The payment transaction will be listed under the Account Summary section of your monthly statement for the month in which the fee is debited, as well as a year-to-date total of all fees you have paid thus far.

  • Are there any additional charges to my account?

    Certain mutual funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) may impose redemption or other administrative fees if they are not held for a minimum time period. In funding your account, you may be assessed fees if mutual funds or ETPs that are sold by Fidelity are subject to short-term trading fees or other charges resulting from the sale. In certain rare cases, client-initiated withdrawals may also result in a similar fee assessment.

    Underlying expenses that you bear as an owner of each investment still apply in your account.

    Please see the Program Fundamentals for more details regarding fees.