How your Portfolio Advisory Services investment team is working for you

Your managed account is a carefully constructed investment strategy, actively managed around your financial situation and personal preferences. This strategy is supported by a seasoned team continually working to help you reach your long-term goals.

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Personalized investing

Your strategy is built around what you told us about your personal preferences, as well as your goals and your feelings about risk.

Daily monitoring

When investing on your behalf, we keep a close eye on the economy, the markets, and the investments in your account every day. It’s our way of giving you the best chance to reach your goals.

Long-term focus

We understand that market volatility can be unnerving. During times like this, we stay focused on helping you achieve your long-term goals by making well-informed changes to your investment strategy, and not overreacting to short-term market movements.

Just two of the ways we deliver value to you

Active management

Active management is more than just buying and selling stocks and bonds. It’s a disciplined approach that encompasses a wide range of investment research and related activities that we engage in every day. Strategic Advisers LLC has over 120 investment professionals continually working on your behalf, making adjustments to your account, to help put you in a better position to reach your goals, while keeping your investments aligned to the level of risk you told us you’re comfortable with.

The graphic below shows examples of some of the recent adjustments we’ve made:

Trading activity in Portfolio Advisory Services model accounts

5x_iconSo far in 2019 we’ve rebalanced your managed account by selling investments that either increased in value or better held their value, while using the proceeds to buy investments that either decreased in value or appreciated less.1 We believe this can help keep you invested in a manner that is consistent with your financial goals.

global-economic_iconGiven our view of a maturing US economy, which is also consistent with lower returns for stocks and some bonds as well as higher market volatility, we have reduced the level of risk in your account over time. For most accounts, this has meant less exposure to stocks and high yield bonds. At the same time, we have increased allocations to investment-grade bonds.

taxes-balance_iconIn taxable accounts, we’ve worked to reduce the impact of taxes on your portfolio by employing a series of tax-smart investment techniques when appropriate, including any trades related to re-balancing or reallocation.


We believe that one of the best ways to reach your goals is to start with a mix of investments that reflects your time horizon and feelings about risk, and to stay the course. In our view, a diversified portfolio can help create a level of comfort that allows you to remain invested as markets fluctuate, while still offering the return potential to help you reach your goals.

While a diversified portfolio may not always beat the stock market, this approach has historically provided healthy returns, without the extreme downturns that can happen in an all-stock portfolios. 2

When reviewed in the context of risk vs. return, you can see how a diversified portfolio could help your investments grow, while exposing you to less risk than investing entirely in stocks.


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Your investment team makes decisions on your behalf based on the most recent information that you’ve provided — not just around your risk tolerance and time horizon, but around your specific investment preferences.


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