Life Events

Whether you're adjusting to change or celebrating a milestone, we can help you navigate it. Get the clarity and know-how you and your family need to move forward with confidence. 

Getting, changing, or losing a job

Job changes can be emotionally and financially challenging. Learn how to set yourself up for success and less stress.

Preparing for and living in retirement

Here's how to get your finances in order, say goodbye to work, and wrap your head around Medicare and Social Security.

Losing a job or getting furloughed

It can be a shock to the system but there are proactive ways you can manage this unexpected setback.

Managing estate planning

It's not just the wealthy who should choose beneficiaries and spell out their wishes. Here are key questions to consider.

Downsizing a house

Many retirees are faced with this question; here are some guidelines to help with the decision.

Starting out: Financial basics

Ready to take control of your money? It all starts with budgeting, managing debt, and saving.

Starting a business

Learn how to tap into your passion and skills to help get your business idea off the ground with these 7 practical steps.

Selling a business

Planning well in advance for your retirement and desired legacy is key to success: Here are 6 tips to consider.

Rising health care costs

Health care is one of the biggest expenses you may have in retirement; here's how to plan for it.

Retiring earlier than planned

If you're dealing with a disability or a layoff, the future may seem challenging. Here are some options to consider.

Clarity begins with a conversation

Contact Fidelity today for 1:1 guidance during life's big decisions. We believe in making the complex simpler, because we want you to be confident about the decisions you make—next week, next year, and beyond.