Your Guide to the Inheritance Process

As you go through the process of inheriting, we understand that there is a lot to think about. We've created these resources to give you the knowledge you'll need.

Understanding the process

Probate for Inheritances

This legal process may be a necessary step before assets can be transferred to beneficiaries.

Inheritance Basics

Learn how wills work from the survivor's perspective, including information on taxes, attorneys, and trusts.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Glossary
Learn the key terms and concepts that will be helpful as you go through the inheritance process.

Knowing your options

Inherited IRA: Learn about your choices

Learn about your options for continuing the potential for tax-advantaged growth, while avoiding the impact of immediate income taxes.*

Transferring the Assets

Get details on how different types of assets pass to survivors, and steps you can take to maximize the assets.

Executor and Trustee Guidelines

If you're named executor of a will or a trustee of a trust, get guidance on what's expected of you.