Life Events

Whether you're adjusting to change or celebrating a milestone, we can help you navigate it. Get the clarity and know-how you and your family need to move forward with confidence. 

Aging well

None of us welcomes the aging process but it's important to identify your priorities and talk to your loved ones about housing, health care, and your estate.

Caring for aging loved ones

How do we plan for longevity and how can we—and those we love—live safely and independently for as long as possible?

Illness and injury

Get a handle on the logistics and the emotions from insurance and work benefits to budgeting and medical bills to making informed decisions.

Saving for a loved one with a disability

Everything you didn't know you need to know about ABLE accounts: a tax-advantaged way to support your loved one.

Alzheimer's and dementia

Whether you're facing a diagnosis or caring for someone living with the condition, you can find resources here.

Experiencing identity theft or fraud

It can turn your life upside down; here's what to look out for and tips on how to protect yourself.

Recovery from a natural disaster

The financial and emotional impact can be severe. Here's how to prepare yourself and start to get back on your feet.

Clarity begins with a conversation

Contact Fidelity today for 1:1 guidance during life's big decisions. We believe in making the complex simpler, because we want you to be confident about the decisions you make—next week, next year, and beyond.