Life Events

Whether you're adjusting to change or celebrating a milestone, we can help you navigate it. Get the clarity and know-how you and your family need to move forward with confidence. 

Marriage and partnering

Love and commitment come with a host of decisions to make. Be as thoughtful about your shared future as you are about your wedding day.

Getting divorced

Navigating a divorce involves more than deciding who gets what. Make it easier for yourself with the appropriate planning, patience, knowledge, and self-care.

Navigating the college journey

Saving is often top of mind. Here are some other things to consider from middle school to high school and how to approach student loans.

Losing a loved one

Dealing with grief is a top priority when losing someone dear but there are key logistical and financial considerations to keep in mind too.

Major purchase

Cars, vacations, and home renovations: Here's how to plan for these big commitments from research to decision-making to covering the costs.

Buying a home

Owning a home is a dream for many. Learn about smart borrowing strategies, how to find the right place for you, and what makes a successful closing.

Having or adopting a child

Bringing a child into your life can be exciting and overwhelming. Here's how to prepare emotionally, logistically, and financially.

Home improvements

Budget carefully and ask yourself whether the investment you make will pay off in terms of your home's value.

When mom or dad move in

There's a lot to think about: Get up to speed on the physical, emotional, and financial trade-offs involved.

Moving back home with your parents

Sometimes the best way to move forward financially is to move back home. Get tips on making this a springboard to success.

Becoming an empty nester

The kids are finally gone. Make the most of this with pointers on estate planning, retirement savings, and the emotional adjustment.

The hidden costs of caregiving

Learn about the financial impact of caregiving beyond salary and what to consider if you’re thinking of leaving work to care for a loved one.

Clarity begins with a conversation

Contact Fidelity today for 1:1 guidance during life's big decisions. We believe in making the complex simpler, because we want you to be confident about the decisions you make—next week, next year, and beyond.