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Session 3 of 3: Rates and risk: Navigating bonds in 2020

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Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 Duration: 60 minutes Time: 4:00 p.m. ET

If you're intrigued by all the recent news coverage on interest rates, Federal Reserve policy, and inverted yield curves, but find yourself unsure how to begin to translate that into an investing strategy, then this session could help you. Join Scott Bassler and Richard Carter as they host an interactive webinar on investing in individual bonds and CDs. The webinar will cover the following:

  • Understanding the various types of bonds and bond markets as an individual investor
  • Deploying both short- and long-term income strategies using Fidelity’s Bond and Model CD Ladder tools
  • Making bond ownership easy using services such as Fixed Income Alerts and Auto Roll

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