What’s your trading plan?

Discover why having a plan for your trades is crucial to your success.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Noon – 1:00 p.m. ET

Do you have an open position and aren't sure what to do? Ever have a small loss turn into a big loss? Ever have a winner turn into a loser? One common behavior of successful traders involves creating a game plan before placing a trade. Game planning involves thinking a trade through from beginning to end, focusing on both positive and negative outcomes. Join options professionals, Colin Songer and Brian Isabelle, from Fidelity's Trading Strategy Desk as they discuss having a plan of action for both scenarios which allows you to make disciplined decisions regarding your trades, managing potential profits on winners and minimizing losses on losers.

We will cover:

  • Why a game plan is crucial to determine next steps in your trade
  • How to create a game plan that is easy to follow and implement
  • How your game plan might change, and how to take action as a result


Brian Isabelle

Brian Isabelle, CMT©

Trading Strategy Desk
Fidelity Investments

Colin Songer

Colin Songer

Trading Strategy Desk
Fidelity Investments

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