Learning to climb the CD ladder

A demonstration of how you can benefit from Fidelity's Model CD Ladder and AutoRoll reinvestment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Noon – 1:00 p.m. ET

Fidelity’s CD offering provides an open marketplace where banks and other issuers post competing brokered CDs. These products can be easily purchased in your brokerage account while still providing the same benefits and limitations of FDIC insurance offered by traditional bank CDs. Join Fidelity fixed-income professionals Dan Fiandaca and Richard Carter for an inside look at how and why issuers create brokered CDs, the various factors that determine the rates and maturities offered, and additional features investors should consider when making a selection. Our presenters will demonstrate how to invest in CDs on Fidelity.com, Fidelity's Model CD Ladder, and how to use Fidelity’s AutoRoll automatic reinvestment feature.

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded. Please register to receive notification when the recording is available.


Dan Fiandaca

Dan Fiandaca

Vice President, Capital Markets
Fidelity Investments

Richard Carter

Richard Carter

Vice President, Fixed Income Products and Services
Fidelity Investments

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