Eligible accounts

You can open these accounts with no account fees or minimums. Either may be linked to a Youth Account to monitor your teen's activity—and transfer money, if desired.

Brokerage account

Trade smarter with $0 commissions* for online US stock, ETF, and option trades; fractional share trading for a slice of your favorite companies; and powerful research tools.

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Cash management

Save, spend, and invest with our smart alternative to a bank account with no account fees or minimums, ATM fees reimbursed, and FDIC coverage up to $1.25 million.

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Open both a brokerage and cash management account to easily transfer your funds.

Open both accounts

The following accounts may be used to open and monitor the activity in a Youth Account—but they do not offer the option to transfer money to your teen's account.

Roth IRA

Traditional IRA

Rollover IRA