What if…
you could demand more from your money?

Checklist for now and in the future

Whether you're new to the workforce or approaching retirement, we'll help guide you throughout your career and beyond.

Starting out

  • Set your goals and budget
  • Pay down high-interest debt
  • Enroll in your workplace retirement plan
  • Establish an emergency fund

Moving up

  • Optimize your savings in your workplace plan
  • Consider investing for goals beyond your retirement
  • Protect what you've built
  • Name your beneficiaries
  • Create a will
  • Avoid borrowing from retirement savings

Preparing for retirement

  • Rev up your retirement savings with "catch-up" contributions
  • Know your workplace retirement plan benefits
  • Picture what you want your retirement to look like
  • Know your Social Security benefits
  • Understand Medicare
  • Create a retirement income plan

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