Women often need to save more for retirement

Life expectancy, health care costs, and career interruptions can be contributing factors to why we need more. Our new series, Women Talk Money, can help.

Are you planning for change?

Getting Married (PDF)

From bank accounts to budgeting to babies, it's important to get organized as you prepare to chart your financial future together.

Having or adopting a child (PDF)

To protect your growing family, assess your insurance needs, review your family budget, consider basic estate planning, and make a plan to save for education.

Sending a child to college (PDF)

We help parents and students save for college, track key dates and milestones, and become more attractive applicants as they transition into adulthood.

Or reacting to the unexpected?

Caregiving and aging well (PDF)

We’re getting older, we’re living longer, and we may need a new plan for aging well. A comprehensive plan needs to address longevity, health care, and the end of life as moments that matter for you, your family, and your finances. And we believe your plan is only secure when your aging loved one’s plans are too.

Navigating the loss of a loved one (PDF)

As you grieve, you may also need to tend to a range of financial issues. It's important to understand what you may need to do and what information you'll need.

Use this inheritance checklist (PDF) for all the legal and financial records you may need to collect.

Getting divorced (PDF)

Divorce can be daunting—but you’ll get through it. Successfully navigating its emotional and financial challenges takes patience, planning, and a trusted team.

Use this document checklist (PDF) for all the records you may need to collect.

Getting or changing a job (PDF)

When changing jobs, whether in your current organization or moving to a new one, weigh work/ life balance along with your new paycheck—also consider health care, retirement savings, cost of living, and taxes.

Transitioning into retirement

As you approach retirement, you'll need to begin taking actions to ensure you're ready. Get the help you need to simplify your transition.

These practical conversations can help you live well financially today and tomorrow

Our free webcasts offer practical financial advice for life events including divorce, caring for older loved ones, and preparing for college and retirement.

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