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Being self-employed can feel like you’re working without a net, especially when it comes to time off, savings, retirement plans and insurance. You have options—all in one convenient place.

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Navigating what's out there can be confusing, so let's look at what you want to do.

Make health expenses less taxing

Save for medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way with a Fidelity Health Savings Account.

Save flexibly for retirement

Make higher tax-deductible contributions and help keep more of what you earn with a simple-to-create Fidelity SEP IRA.

Get some time off

Keep burnout at bay—put money aside and earn a competitive interest rate with a Fidelity Cash Management Account.

Protect your family

Help ensure that if you’re no longer there, they could maintain their current lifestyle with term life insurance.

Health savings account

Make health expenses less taxing

With a Fidelity Health Savings Account (HSA), save for qualified medical expenses and get solid tax advantages. Make tax-deductible contributions to lower taxable income.

  • Tax-free withdrawals from your account for qualified medical expenses
  • 15.3% in Self-Employed Contribution Act (SECA) tax savings on any contributions, since you're paying as both employer and employee1
  • Tax-free growth on investments

You'll need to be enrolled in an HSA-eligible health plan to get started.

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Find affordable health insurance—including HSA-eligible plans

With Stride2, you can search and compare available health insurance plans, and get recommendations based on your health concerns, preferred doctors, budget, and other unique needs. Enroll in about 10 minutes.

If you're 65 or older, Fidelity Medicare Services can help you find coverage that's right for you—free of charge. Learn more

Cash management account

Get some time off and give yourself a break

When you work for yourself, a day off is cash out of your pocket. Help build a reserve—consider a Fidelity Cash Management Account3 that can earn interest as you save.

  • Some of the industry's most competitive rates—currently 2.72% APY*
  • No account fees or minimums to open and maintain the account4
  • FDIC-insured up to $5 million on cash balances5
  • Spend smarter with free bill pay and debit card, ATM fees reimbursed globally6

*Source: Fidelity rate as of July 31, 2023. FDIC Monthly Deposit Rate as of July 17, 2023.

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Not sure about a cash management account? Check out other available options.

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA

Save flexibly for retirement

Even when you work for yourself, you still need to put money away for retirement. As the employer, you can contribute up to 25% ($66,000 for 2023) of your compensation in a Fidelity SEP IRA.

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Skip contributing for a year or more if you need to
  • Earnings are tax-deferred and contributions may be tax-deductible

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Term life insurance

Protect your loved ones in your absence

The unthinkable can happen anytime. If it does, without the life insurance coverage an employer might provide, your loved ones could be in a bind without your income. Term life insurance7 can help.

  • Your beneficiaries can pay for things like mortgage payments, tuition, credit card debt and more
  • Policies ranging from $250,000 to $10 million
  • Check out our quote tool to see what you may need

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Let's talk costs

Every dollar counts when you work for yourself, so we focus on making things affordable. In most cases, there are no fees associated with these plans.

Health savings account

No account fees or fees for administrative services8

Cash management account

No account fees or minimums3 and ATM fees reimbursed globally5


No opening cost, closing cost, or annual fee and $0 commission for online US stock, ETF, and options trades†‡

Term life insurance

Costs depend on size and term of your policy

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