Make the most of your retirement savings

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Explore online investment management for retirees

We’ll be able to help you create a financial plan for retirement, automate withdrawals and manage your investments, while looking for tax-saving opportunities along the way.

Personalized to your situation

Whether you are a joint or individual tax filer, we can give you an overview of your accounts, spending, and project how long your money may last in retirement.

Fidelity Retirement Management personalized plan

Convenient access to your money

Once we’re live, you tell us how much you need, and we’d make the trades necessary to turn it into available cash in your account (tax-efficiently, of course).

Fidelity Retirement Management withdrawals

Invested with more visibility

It’s your money. You’ll always be able to see what you’re invested in and you can make changes to your plan.

Fidelity Retirement Management investment management

Sophistication with a human touch

By automating money management, we can be more efficient in how we monitor for tax-saving opportunities, but there will always be Fidelity Investments professionals monitoring your plan and representatives available to call.

A smarter way to withdraw your money

We’d run many simulations to determine how withdrawing from multiple account types could potentially keep you within a lower tax bracket and reduce taxes in retirement.

On your own

Some retirees draw from one account type at a time, which often creates a major tax bump later in retirement.

With our technology

We’d calculate which accounts to draw from and when, automating withdrawals to spread out your tax burden and potentially save you money.

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Answer a few questions about your income, expenses, accounts and risk tolerance.

See your personalized plan

Review a target asset mix and how long your money may last in retirement.

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This experience is for people nearing or in retirement who file single or married filing jointly.