Frequently asked questions (FAQs)



Remember the majority of what we discuss here describes a developing program, but we’d like to provide you with some information about our proposed services.

  • Will you be opening new investment accounts for me?

    No. We anticipate that once the program’s investment management services are available and you decide to enroll, and in accordance with an investment management agreement, you turn the day-to-day investment decisions for your money over to a team of experienced Fidelity professionals, who provide this service for a fee. Based on information you provide, these professionals invest your money to help you meet your investment goals. And if you’re married, we’d be looking at your accounts together under a household. However, you’ll also be able to open, transfer or roll over accounts if you’re interested in having everything all in one place.

  • What is your investment philosophy?

    Like all managed accounts at Fidelity, we will invest with your needs in mind. Our goal is to provide risk-adjusted returns over the long term while keeping you aligned to your plan. We believe in investing based on the following principles:

    • Long-term focus to help you weather short-term market events
    • Diversification across asset classes for the appropriate balance of risk and reward
    • Disciplined investment process and rebalancing to keep your plan on track
    • Tax-smart investment management designed to enhance after-tax results
  • How will you be monitoring my investments?

    Once the program’s investment management services are available, we’ll be monitoring your money according to your plan. We’ll monitor your portfolio to ensure it is aligned to your target asset allocation and to see if there may be tax-loss harvesting opportunities for you. If you initiate a withdrawal, we’ll also be looking for the most tax-efficient way to generate the cash from your accounts.

  • Will I be able to choose my investments?

    We’ll recommend a portfolio for you based on what we know about your financial situation, but you’ll have the option to opt into a different strategy. You won’t be able select individual funds or customize your portfolio.

  • How often will my portfolio be rebalanced?

    We will monitor your accounts enrolled to receive our investment management services. If you make a withdrawal or the market experiences a significant or gradual shift, and your portfolio strays significantly from the investment strategy you selected, we may rebalance your portfolio.

These FAQs do not describe an existing service and Fidelity Investments reserves the rights to modify any portion of this concept. This information is for marketing purposes only and does not constitute an offer of any existing products or services.

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