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iShares Core ETFs are low-cost and tax-efficient

Whether you want broad market exposure or choose to limit exposure with targeted funds, iShares Core ETFs offer a broad range of investment options to help your money go further.

U.S. Stocks

Exposure Ticker Expense Ratio %1 Purchase Commission-Free
Total Stock Market ITOT 0.03 available
Large Cap IVV 0.04 available
Mid Cap IJH 0.07 available
Small Cap IJR 0.07 available
Growth IUSG 0.07 available
Value IUSV 0.07 available
High Dividend HDV 0.08 available
Dividend Growth DGRO 0.08 available

International Stocks

Exposure Ticker Expense Ratio %1 Purchase Commission-Free
World Ex-U.S. IXUS 0.11 available
Developed Markets IEFA 0.08 available
Emerging Markets IEMG 0.14 available
Europe IEUR 0.10 available
Pacific IPAC 0.10 available


Exposure Ticker Expense Ratio %1 Purchase Commission-Free
U.S. Bonds
Aggregate AGG 0.052 available
Short-Term ISTB 0.08 available
Long-Term ILTB 0.08 available
Diversified IUSB 0.082 available
International Bonds
Aggregate IAGG 0.11 available

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