Did you know you can invest your HSA?

Investing can help you plan for tomorrow’s health care expenses while keeping flexibility today.

Get more from your HSA by investing

Tax-free growth1

Your investment gains are not taxed and can help pay for qualified health care expenses.

No minimums2

There’s no minimum required to open an account, and you can invest any amount.


Our investing options give you access to your funds anytime.

The longer you invest, the greater your potential growth

Try our HSA investing comparison tool

Use the slider below to change your monthly contributions to see how your money could potentially grow over time compared to a traditional savings account. Your HSA savings aren’t “use it or lose it.” Your money can accumulate year over year.

Monthly contribution Monthly contribution

2023 contribution limits

Individual health plans:

$3,850.00 for the year, which could be a contribution of $320.83 per month.

Family health plans:

$7,750.00 for the year, which could be a contribution of $645.83 per month.
Minimum 0 Maximum 640

Investing account

Investing account

This is your potential HSA value after investing for 30 years.

FDIC-insured savings account

FDIC-insured savings account

This is your potential regular savings account value after saving for 30 years.

The average balance of an invested HSA is 7x more than an uninvested HSA.3

Choose how to invest your HSA from these two options

Fidelity invests for you

Our robo advisor chooses and manages your investments based on your long-term goals and risk tolerance, keeping your strategy on track.

Key highlights include:

  • We do the work for you
  • No minimum to open an account; $10 to start investing4
  • $0 advisory fee for balances under $25,000
  • For $25,000+ balances, 0.35% advisory fee per year with unlimited 1-on-1 coaching

Do-it-yourself investing

You can choose and manage your own investments, which can include stocks (including fractional shares), bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. Or, simply choose investments from our pre-selected Fidelity HSA® Funds to Consider.5

Key highlights include:

  • Buy and sell your own investments anytime
  • No account fees and no minimum to open an account2
  • No fees on most investments


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Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a minimum balance for investing my Fidelity HSA® money?

    There is no minimum balance required to start investing your Fidelity HSA® money. However, certain mutual funds may have minimum investment requirements.

  • How often can I change my Fidelity HSA® investments?

    You can buy and sell your HSA investments as often as you like. However, you will be subject to standard commissions and investment-related fees. See www.fidelity.com/commissions for more information.

  • How do I spend money in my Fidelity Go® HSA?

    Even though Fidelity Go® HSAs are intended for investing goals of 3 years or longer, you can still reimburse yourself for qualified medical expenses you pay out of pocket by submitting a withdrawal request. When you do, we'll sell securities in your account for you. After the money has settled, which can take up to 10 business days, we'll send it to you by check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or transfer of funds to another account.

    If you also have a self-directed Fidelity HSA®, you can use a debit card to pay for qualified medical expenses by transferring money over from your Fidelity Go® HSA

  • Can I use cash for short-term medical expenses and a Fidelity Go® HSA for long-term expenses?

    You can use money in a self-directed Fidelity HSA® for short-term qualified medical expenses. This way you have quick access, through Fidelity Bill Pay and your debit card, to the money needed to reimburse yourself for out-of-pocket expenses.

Fidelity Go® is a managed account designed for use toward investment goals with a long-term horizon of 3 years or more.

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