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Why invest for income

  • When interest rates are low, finding yield can be a challenge
  • Offers you diversification and a potentially steady source of income
  • Helps you balance risk with your income needs

Reasons to consider iShares®

  • Low-cost, tax efficient, easy to use investment option for your income portfolio
  • Wide range of income ETFs to help you navigate today's challenging landscape and meet your specific investment goals
  • Trusted market leader in the management and development of ETFs

iShares ETFs to consider

Equity Income

Exposure to dividend-paying stocks across a variety of industries

Purchase commission-free:

Core High Dividend (HDV)

Core Dividend Growth (DGRO)

Fixed Income

Exposure to potentially steady income and relatively low volatility

Purchase commission-free:

iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond (LQD)

Core US Aggregate Bond (AGG)

Core 1-5 Year USD Bond (ISTB)

Preferred Stocks

Exposure to income-generating securities with both stock and bond characteristics

Purchase commission-free:

US Preferred Stock (PFF)

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