It's not just an education savings account

The Massachusetts 529 plan, MEFA's U.Fund College Investing Plan, is a tax-advantaged investment plan, professionally managed by Fidelity, to help reach your child's educational dreams.

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Who is MEFA?

MEFA, the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, is a not-for-profit self financing state authority, not reliant on state or federal appropriation. MEFA was created by the state legislature at the request of Massachusetts colleges and universities and provides community educational programs, college savings plans, and low-cost financing options. In its 30-year history, MEFA has assisted hundreds of thousands of families in financing a college education.

MEFA's mission

MEFA aims to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students and families in Massachusetts. For more information on MEFA, visit

Additional resources

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Find a seminar

MEFA offers a number of seminars in locations across Massachusetts to help you plan.

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