Personal financial advice

With your Fidelity Go® account, answers to many of your financial questions are just a 30-minute call away.

Here are some of the benefits of financial advice

  • Speaking with a financial advisor can help you feel more confident and informed when making financial decisions.
  • You can learn new strategies or new ways of thinking about your financial picture while collaborating with an advisor to build a flexible financial plan.
  • A financial advisor can help you discover financial goals, understand your options, and identify next steps to take.


What should we talk about on your next advice call?

Here are just some of the financial focus areas Fidelity advisors can discuss and coach you through on your unlimited 1-on-1 calls.


Creating a plan for your financial goals

Get help designing a plan that's in line with the goals and priorities you have for your money.



Planning for retirement

Find out how much you'll need for retirement and explore ways to save for it.


Building a budget

Discover smart spending and savings habits that will help make every dollar count.


Managing debt

Strategize steps for reducing debt that make sense for you and your current lifestyle.

More ways to get Fidelity's guidance


Saving for college
We've highlighted 5 bite-sized steps, along with other helpful information, to help you start saving for your child's future.

What our advisors say about coaching

Making an impact

"1-on-1 coaching sessions are the most rewarding work I do. It's amazing the impact we can have spending time talking things through with a Personalized Planning & Advice client. Every member of our coaching team looks forward to personally helping them." – Brittney H., Fidelity Go® Associate

Finding the right balance

"Saving plays a big part in reaching financial goals, but so does investing money. I love working with clients to help them find a way to make every dollar work harder. This way they can find a balance between paying off debt and saving or investing toward things like retirement." – Rodel C., Fidelity Go® Associate

Questions about coaching?