FAQs: How to Transfer Cash or Shares Between Fidelity Accounts

  • I'm getting an error message when I try to transfer between accounts. Why?

    There are a few situations that may stop your transfer between accounts. If you have questions about an error message, please call us at 800-343-3548.

  • What are the daily transfer limits?

    The daily limits (including both single transactions or multiple transactions) are up to either:

    • $100,000, or

      Note: These maximums are subject to additional limitations such as IRA contribution and/or gifting limits.

    Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS) accounts:

    • Minimums are $250 for purchases and $10 for redemptions.
    • Maximum withdrawal amounts: 25% of the account net worth per transaction per day, up to a maximum of $100,000, whichever is less.

      Note: All transfers are in cash only.

  • Are there special requirements to transfer between a nonretirement account and a 529 college savings plan?

    Yes, you can only transfer to a college savings plan—not from a college savings plan. Additionally:

    • Contributions can originate from a nonretirement mutual fund or brokerage account.
    • You can only enter specific dollar amounts (not shares), with a minimum of $50.
    • A $99,999.99 limit per transaction is in effect. This amount is the cumulative total of the contribution from the originating account.

    Note: Contributions to a 529 college savings plan are invested per the standing investment instructions on the account. Contributions to a 529 account for a designated beneficiary cannot exceed the plan's maximum contribution limit.

  • Is a Roth conversion an eligible transfer between accounts?

    No, it's not; but you can complete a Roth conversion online. If you have any questions, please see How to Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA or call us at 800-343-3548.