Fidelity Statement Disclosures

Fidelity Customer Service

If you have a question about your account or require service, please call your investment advisor/authorized agent.

Lost or Stolen Card

For Fidelity® Debit Card, call 800-323-5353. For details refer to your Fidelity Check Card Agreement and Disclosure Statement

Additional Investments with Fidelity

Please make all checks payable to Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (FBS). Please include your account number on the check. Do not include trading instructions with check deposits. We mail statements at least quarterly for any account with a balance. Please review your statement and report any inaccuracies or discrepancies immediately. Questions regarding your brokerage account or the activity therein should be directed to FBS at 800-544-6666, and National Financial Services LLC ("NFS"), who carries your brokerage accounts, at 866-408-1138. Any oral communications regarding inaccuracies or discrepancies should be reconfirmed in writing to protect your rights, including those under the Securities Investor Protection Act ("SIPA"). Please contact Fidelity or your authorized agent promptly of any material changes in your investment objectives or financial situation related to your brokerage account(s). If you request a reprint of your statement, the disclosure information may not be the same as the original.

Terms and conditions of the Statement

Other than with respect to Fidelity-advised products and services, Fidelity does not endorse or recommend any particular investment, trading activity or investment advisor/authorized agent, or have any responsibility for and will not review, monitor or supervise suitability of trading by any investment advisor/authorized agent. Fidelity has not verified the content of any logo or artwork on this statement identifying a firm other than Fidelity. The firm represented by such logo or artwork is not an agent of or affiliated with Fidelity.

Changes in Portfolio Value and Account Summary

Shows activity in your portfolio and in each of your accounts for the statement period. To confirm that an authorized, direct deposit was made to your Fidelity Account, call Fidelity at 1–800–544–5555.

Value By Account

Shows the value of your account(s), for the current and previous statement periods.

Income Summary

Shows income by tax status for the statement and year–to–date periods. Except for interest earned on, or distributed by, tax–exempt securities, Fidelity reports dividends and capital gains held in taxable accounts as taxable income. A portion of this tax-exempt income may be subject to state and local taxes and the federal alternative minimum tax. Fidelity reports earnings on investments in Traditional IRAs, Rollover IRAs, SEP–IRAs and Keoghs as tax–deferred income. Earnings on Roth–IRAs are reported as tax–exempt income, since distributions may be tax–exempt after meeting the five–year aging requirement and certain other conditions.

Cost Basis, Gain/Loss and Holding Period Information

NFS is required to report certain cost basis and holding period information to the IRS on Form 1099–B. Unless otherwise specified, NFS applies the average cost method for open-end mutual funds and the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method for all other securities. Cost basis is adjusted for wash sales on securities with the same CUSIP held in the same account (unless your account receives mark-to-market reporting). Your statement may not reflect all adjustments required for tax purposes. Customers should consult their tax advisors for further information.


Fidelity provides purchase cost information for securities held in retirement accounts. Such information may be adjusted for certain transactions and does not reflect reinvestments of dividends or capital gains. Fidelity reports transaction profit or loss information when securities are sold within a retirement account. Transaction profit or loss is calculated by subtracting purchase cost from sales proceeds using the FIFO method if shares were purchased at different times or prices.


Summarizes Traditional IRA and Roth IRA contributions, and taxable and non–taxable retirement distributions for these statement and year–to–date periods.

Total Value

The reported market value of an investment at the beginning or end of a statement period.

Unrealized gain/loss

For long positions, ending market value minus cost basis in non-retirement accounts and ending market value minus cost in retirement accounts. For short positions, proceeds minus ending market value. Unrealized gain/loss is calculated for pending sales because they are still in holdings. Unrealized gain/loss is not calculated for pending purchases because they are not in holdings.

Holding Type Percentage

Percentages by holding type only include long positions. Holding type percentages are rounded to the nearest percent and summed. If the sum is less than 100%, the difference between 100% and the sum is added to the holding type with the largest percentage.

Account Protection

Securities in accounts carried by NFS, a Fidelity Investments company, are protected in accordance with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000 (including cash claims limited to $250,000). For more information, including the SIPC brochure, please see or call 1-202-371-8300. NFS has arranged for additional protection for cash and covered securities to supplement its SIPC coverage. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities. Mutual funds and/or other securities are not backed or guaranteed by any bank, nor are they insured by the FDIC and involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Bank deposits are not securities and are not covered by SIPC. Funds used to purchase or sweep to a bank deposit are SIPC protected until deposited to a Program Bank at which time funds may be eligible for FDIC insurance.

Information About Mutual Funds and Their Performance

Before investing consider the fund's or insurance product's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact Fidelity or visit for a prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully before investing. Performance data shown represents past performance, and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, so you may have a loss or a gain when shares are sold. Current performance may be higher or lower than that quoted. Visit for most recent month-end performance. Each fund reserves the right to terminate or modify its exchange privilege. Foreign investments, especially those in emerging markets, may involve greater risks than U.S. investments. In connection with (i) access to, purchase or redemption of, and/or maintenance of positions in mutual funds and other investment products ("funds") or (ii) infrastructure needed to support such funds, some funds, or their investment affiliates, pay FBS and/or NFS sales loads and 12b-1 fees described in the prospectus as well as additional compensation for shareholder services, start-up fees, infrastructure support and maintenance, and other programs. Additional information about the source(s) and amount(s) of compensation as well as other remuneration received by FBS or NFS will be furnished to you upon written request. At the time you purchase shares of funds those shares will be assigned either a load, transaction fee (TF) or no transaction fee (NTF) status. When you subsequently sell those shares, any fees applicable to your transaction will be assessed based on the status assigned to the shares at the time of purchase.

Customer Free Credit Balance

Free credit balances (FCB) are funds payable to you on demand. FCB are subject to open commitments such as uncleared checks and exclude proceeds from sales of certificated securities without delivery of the certificate. If your FCB is swept to a core position, you can liquidate the core position and have the proceeds sent to you or held in your account subject to the terms of your account agreement. Required rule 10b-10(a) information not contained herein will be provided on written request. Fidelity may use this free credit balance in connection with its business, subject to applicable law.

Assets Separate From Your Brokerage Account

Only securities in the margin portion of your brokerage account contribute to margin and maintenance requirements. Other Assets that may be reported on your statement and are maintained with Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Company, as well as mutual fund only accounts held directly with the fund (Fidelity Mutual Fund Accounts), are not carried by NFS, not covered by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and do not count toward your margin and maintenance requirements. Assets held in brokerage accounts managed by Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors LLC (FPWA) are carried by NFS and covered by SIPC but do not contribute to your margin and maintenance requirements.

Short Account Balances

Securities sold short are held in a segregated short account. These securities are marked-to-market for margin purposes and increase or decrease from the short sale price is transferred weekly to your margin account. Your short account balance is shown as of the last weekly mark-to-market, not statement end date.

Information About Your Option Transactions

Each transaction confirmation previously delivered to you contains full information about commissions and other charges, and such information is available promptly upon request. Assignments of American and European-style options are allocated among customer short positions pursuant to a random allocation procedure. A description is available upon request. Short positions in American-style options are liable for assignment anytime. The writer of a European-style option is subject to exercise assignment only during the exercise period. For more information about these, please call Fidelity at 800-544-6666.

Equity Dividend Reinvestment

Shares credited to your account resulted from transactions by FBS acting as agent for your account, or the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

Price Information/Total Market Value

The Total Market Value has been calculated to 9 decimal places; however, the individual unit price is displayed in 5 decimal places. The Total Market Value represents prices obtained from various sources, may be impacted by the frequency with which such prices are reported and such prices are not guaranteed. Prices received from pricing vendors are generally based on current market quotes, but when such quotes are not available pricing vendors use a variety of techniques to estimate value. These estimates, particularly for fixed income securities, may be based on certain minimum principal amounts (e.g. $1 million) and may not reflect all factors that affect the value of the security, including liquidity risk. The prices provided are not firm bids or offers. Certain securities may reflect N/A or unavailable where the price for such security is generally not available from a pricing source. The Market Value of a security, including those priced at par value, may differ from its purchase price and may not closely reflect the value at which the security may be sold or purchased based on various market factors. The sale or redemption of any fixed income security prior to maturity may result in a loss. Prices for Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are generally estimates and are not based on actual market prices. The secondary market for CDs is generally illiquid. You should always request a current valuation for your securities prior to making a financial decision or placing an order.

("A") Alternative Investments - Investments such as direct participation program securities (e.g., partnerships, limited liability companies, and real estate investment trusts which are not listed on any exchange), commodity pools, private equity, private debt and hedge funds are generally illiquid investments and their current values may differ from purchase price. Unless otherwise indicated, the values shown in this statement for such investments have been provided by the management, administrator or sponsor of each program or a third-party vendor without independent verification by Fidelity Brokerage Services (FBS) and represent their estimate of the value of the investor's participation in the program, as of a date no greater than 18 months from the date of this statement. Thus, the estimated values shown herein may not necessarily reflect actual market values or be realized upon liquidation. If an estimated value is not provided, valuation information is not available.

In executing orders on the Floor, the Floor broker may permit the Designated Market Maker to trade on parity with the order for some or all of the executions associated with filling that order, where such permission would not be inconsistent with the brokers best execution obligations.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Distributors Company LLC (FDC) is the distributor for Fidelity Funds with marketing and shareholder services provided by FBS or NFS. Brokerage Services are provided by FBS, which clears all transactions through its affiliate NFS. NFS carries all brokerage accounts. FBS and NFS are members of the NYSE and SIPC. Upon written request, Fidelity will mail a NFS financial statement, which is also available at its office. Fidelity Investments (with pyramid logo) is a trademark of FMR LLC. Insurance products are distributed by FBS, Fidelity Insurance Agency, Inc., and Fidelity Investments Insurance Agency of Texas, Inc. FPWA Services - Fidelity GO®, Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice, and Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines are advisory services offered by FPWA, a registered investment adviser. Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines includes the Breckinridge Intermediate Municipal Strategy, the Fidelity® Equity-Income Strategy, the Fidelity® U.S. Large Cap Equity Strategy, the Fidelity® Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Index Strategy, the Fidelity® International Equity Strategy, the Fidelity® Tax-Managed International Equity Index Strategy, the Fidelity® Intermediate Municipal Strategy, and the Fidelity® Core Bond Strategy. Fidelity® Wealth Services are advisory services offered by FPWA or Fidelity Personal Trust Company, FSB (FPTC), a federal savings bank. Nondeposit investment products and trust services offered by FPTC and its affiliates are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency, are not obligations of any bank, and are subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. These advisory services are provided for a fee. FBS, NFS, FDC, FPWA and FPTC are direct or indirect subsidiaries of FMR LLC.