How to Update Your Financial Profile

Your Financial Profile is our record of your overall financial situation and investing goals by account, as well as your tolerance for risk. Essentially we rely on this information to understand what types of investments and strategies may fit your personal financial situation.

Why should I update my Financial Profile?

We use your Financial Profile to keep us compliant with industry legal requirements and determine what investments or investment strategies may be suitable for you, so it's important that this information is kept up to date.

Your Financial Profile should be a current snapshot of your finances, goals, and various investment factors (e.g., short-term or long-term, risk tolerance, time frame, etc.), so you should update your Financial Profile periodically, or at the very least, as your goals or circumstances change.

What do I need to know?

You'll need to provide some basic financial information, including how much money you have invested with other financial institutions, your net worth, tax bracket, and yearly earnings.

  • Under Account & Trades, select Update Accounts/Features, and then select Financial ProfileLog In Required.
  • On the Financial Profile overview page, select Edit.
  • Each of your accounts is listed, followed by three questions:
    • For what purpose are you saving?
    • Which investment objective best matches your risk tolerance?
    • When do you expect to need the money in this account?
  • From the corresponding menus, select the answer that best reflects your goal and approach for each account.

    Note: You can select Prefer Not to Answer or Undecided. However, you must make a selection for each question.

  • Select Next. Answer the questions relating to financial situation, including annual earnings, approximate net worth, and liquid assets.

    Note: You can select Prefer Not to Answer. However, you must make a selection for each question.

  • Select Submit. You'll see a thank-you page and some suggested next steps.

What to expect

Changes to your Financial Profile are effective immediately on your account.

If you've chosen eDelivery, we'll email your confirmation in 1–2 business days. If you don't use eDelivery, you'll receive a confirmation in the U.S. Mail in 3–5 business days.