How to Update Your Delivery Options (eDelivery or Paper Mail)

Fidelity offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred delivery method to receive your documents. You can opt to receive your documents through electronic delivery or by U.S Mail. It’s fast and simple to update your delivery options.

What's eDelivery and why would I choose it instead of paper?

eDelivery is an electronic system that uses email to inform you when your documents are ready to view on There are several advantages to using eDelivery, such as:

  • Fast delivery: Receive an email when your documents are ready.
  • Convenience: View, print, or save documents from your secure Internet connection.
  • Flexibility: Choose which documents to receive online and request a free paper copy at any time.
  • Security: Worry less about paper documents compromising your security.

What do I need to know?

You'll need to log in to—if you're adding eDelivery—and have a valid email address.

The delivery changes you make are applied to all of your accounts. You can pick and choose your delivery option by category or type of document, including:

  • Monthly/quarterly statements
  • Trade confirmations
  • Tax forms and related disclosures
  • Account records
  • Prospectuses, financial reports, proxy materials, and other documents

What to expect

After you've updated your delivery options, you'll see a message that says "You have successfully updated your delivery preferences." Your updates will take place within 24 hours for the documents selected. We'll send you an email to indicate you've updated your preferences with a login link to view your account records.

If you've selected eDelivery, each time a document is available, we'll send you an email with a link to log in so you can directly access your forms. You can either print copies of forms directly from the website or call us anytime at 800-343-3548, and we'll send the forms to you by U.S. Mail.

If you opt for U.S. Mail delivery, as your documents become available, we'll mail them to your address of record within 3 to 5 business days.

Note: Regardless of the delivery method you choose, you can always view up to 10 years of account statements online.