FAQs: How to Set Up and Use BillPay® on Your Account

  • How long does it take for a payment to reach my payee?

    BillPay provides the earliest payment date based on whether the payee has agreed to accept electronic payments. Electronic payments can be made the next business day and paper checks are sent in three business days.

  • How do eBills work?

    BillPay has established relationships with hundreds of companies that offer electronic bill (eBill) delivery. eBills typically contain the same information as the paper bills that are mailed to you. When the eBill arrives, it indicates the payment amount and due date. You can request to have these bills paid automatically or you can pay them manually.

  • Why do some of my bills get paid electronically and others are paid by check?

    Many companies have agreed to accept payments electronically. Payees who haven't agreed to allow electronic payments—such as individuals or smaller businesses—get paid by check.

  • How do I contact Fidelity for help with Fidelity BillPay?

    To contact us regarding Fidelity BillPay® enrollment, send us an email or contact a Fidelity BillPay representative at 800-343-3548. Representatives are available to answer your questions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • What is the fee for Fidelity BillPay®?

    Fidelity BillPay® is a free online service for all customers.