Wherever your career takes you, there's a home for your 401(k)

What's next for your old 401(k)?

Combine it

Fidelity's rollover IRA

With a rollover IRA, you can add 401(k)s throughout your career—keeping control, flexibility, and a complete view of your investments. Learn more

Consider this if you prioritize:

  • No fees or minimums*
  • Help choosing from a wide range of investment options

Take it with you

New employer's 401(k)

Your new job might let you roll your old 401(k) into theirs. They often offer specially priced investments, as well as the standard tax benefits.

Consider this if you prioritize:

  • A single 401(k) to manage
  • The potential to take out loans

Leave it there

Old employer's 401(k)

Most employers allow you to leave your money as is. It will continue to grow tax-deferred, and you can always move it later.

Consider this if you prioritize:

  • Minimizing paperwork
  • Fees that don't change

Or you can withdraw your money, but keep in mind that taxes will apply, plus possible withdrawal penalties.

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