Investment Approaches for Fidelity Personal Retirement Annuity® (FPRA)

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Choose from three investing approaches

Customize your investment approach based on your overall target asset mix of stocks, bonds, and cash to help meet your investing style, objectives, and tax management needs. Below are three ways to consider investing within the Fidelity Personal Retirement Annuity's 55+ funds, covering a broad range of asset classes and sectors.

Hands-off approach with single-fund investing

If you prefer a strategy that doesn't require you to actively build or manage your portfolio, a single-fund solution from Fidelity offers automatic diversification1 and professional money management.

Hands-on approach with your own custom portfolio

If you prefer to pick your own funds and periodically rebalance your portfolio as the market changes, you can choose from more than 55 Fidelity and non-Fidelity funds. Plus, our powerful tools and resources can help you research, select, and monitor your investments.

Sector investing approach with a tax-deferred account

If you prefer to invest in industry sector funds to help diversify and potentially grow your portfolio, while managing risk, you can choose from 11 funds representing a broad set of industries. Plus, our resources and online tools can help you build a sector strategy that matches your investing style.

Explore the full spectrum of available funds

FPRA funds cover all asset classes, from domestic equity to specialized sectors, so you can find the mix of funds that helps you to achieve your strategic investment goals within your target asset mix.

Note: Review each fund for its investment objective, strategy, and risk.

Benefits of domestic equity funds:

  • Exposure to successful, innovative, and profitable companies
  • Potential to grow your investment
  • A good foundation for risk-tolerant investors

Benefits of international equity funds:

  • Tap into the growth potential in other parts of the world
  • Lower the volatility of your profile through diversification

Benefits of index funds:

  • Focused on tracking benchmark index
  • Generally lower management fees

Benefits of sector funds:

  • Tactical investment approaches, such as sector rotation strategies
  • More precise equity concentration
  • Greater diversification of your portfolio

Benefits of fixed income funds:

  • Potential for capital preservation, depending on the fund
  • Income generation
  • Liquidity

Benefits of money market funds:

  • Short maturities and minimal credit risk
  • Seeks to preserve capital and liquidity