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FAQs About Address/Phone Changes

How can I change my address online?

Log in to make your Address and Telephone Number changes online for brokerage and mutual fund accounts.

How can I change my address or phone number by mail?

Fill out the appropriate form and mail it in to the address displayed on the form itself.

What is the difference between Legal and Mailing Address?

All accounts require a Legal Address of record at Fidelity as we are required by the USA PATRIOT Act to obtain this information in order to verify our customers. In some instances, a Mailing Address may also be added to the account that is different from the Legal Address. This situation occurs when a customer has separate mailing and residential addresses (for example, a P.O. box as mailing address).

How will changing my address restrict my account?

After an address update is submitted, check requests totaling $10,000 or more may be restricted for 10 business days. Certain service requests, such as beneficiary updates, may also be prevented to ensure account security.

Check redemptions totaling $10,000 or more may be made in writing by Requesting a Check, which requires completing the appropriate form and obtaining a signature guarantee.

If the Fidelity account has enrolled in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), funds may be transferred between a Fidelity account and a customer's bank account.

Why can't I use a PO box for my legal/residential address?

For your protection, federal law requires that Fidelity verify every customer's identity by obtaining a legal address. Your legal address is your physical address, therefore PO boxes are not allowed. If you would like to have mail sent to a PO box, you can designate it as your mailing address.

How do I make a change to my current foreign (non-US) address?

Changes for foreign (non-US) addresses must be done in writing for brokerage and mutual fund accounts. Download the Address Change Form (PDF). This page will open in a popup window. and mail it to Fidelity to make this change.

How is my address maintained by Fidelity?

Fidelity interfaces with the United States Post Office's National Change of Address data to identify recent moves and information provided by customers to the Post Office. New address information received from the Postal Service may be applied to your legal and/or mailing address of record at Fidelity. If Fidelity updates your mailing address of record, in most cases a confirmation of this change will be mailed to your old address. We will not send a confirmation for minor changes within your address such as adding Zip+4 information, updating abbreviated words like "Street" to "ST", or for punctuation changes.

If you do not want your address updated automatically, you may contact Fidelity to opt out of future updates.

How do I enter a Military Address?

Street Address - Enter your street address as you normally would.

City - This field can be left blank or you may enter APO or FPO to indicate your branch of the military.

State - Select your APO/FPO code and corresponding port of receipt.

  • APO AE
  • APO AA
  • APO AP
  • FPO AA
  • FPO AE
  • FPO AP

Zip Code - Enter your zip code as you normally would.

What are Address Groups?

Address groups allow certain accounts to share a legal or mailing address (or both). When customers apply address updates to selected accounts, they may choose an existing address group or automatically create a new address grouping.

How can I change my address or phone number on my Workplace Savings Account?

To change the address or phone number on a Workplace Savings Account (for example, 403(b), 401(k), 457 Plan), please contact your plan administrator or go to NetBenefits Login required. to update your information online.