Statement by Fidelity Investments

February 2018

Fidelity has a vibrant, healthy and respectful culture where tens of thousands of associates have built long, successful careers based on their talents and hard work. We remain committed to fostering a work environment where associates feel empowered and compelled that when they see or hear something, they raise it, and they are confident that we will address it quickly, appropriately and without retribution.

Our culture is built on integrity, respect and always doing what is in the best interest of our associates and clients. Recent press reports citing past alleged behaviors by a very small number of former employees—which we do not condone—are by no means representative of who we are as a firm. It is misleading to suggest otherwise.

We take all allegations of harassment or other inappropriate behavior very seriously. When allegations of this sort are brought to our attention, we investigate them and take prompt and appropriate action. We have proven through our actions—both past and present—that we have no tolerance for this type of behavior and never will, from anyone.

As we always have, we will continue to foster an environment that does not tolerate harassment and responds swiftly and effectively to unacceptable behavior.

We are proud of our workplace culture where we respect and value all associates for their unique perspectives and experiences. Here, our differences define us and create better discussions, drive innovative thinking and inspire collaboration to better serve our customers, develop our associates and strengthen our communities.

Having open and transparent dialogues with our associates is important to having a complete picture of our work environment and understanding areas where we have opportunities to improve.

Fidelity strongly believes that women are a critical part of the future of financial services. We want more women to consider our industry, and Fidelity, for their careers, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that they have a work environment that will allow them to build successful and rewarding careers.