Fidelity Investments Corporate Statistics – Assets

Customer assets
 Mutual fund assets under management$1,714.5 billion
 Trust/other assets under management1$228.5 billion
 Total managed assets$1,943.0 billion
 Other record-kept and administered assets$2,671.8 billion
 Total customer assets at Fidelity$4,614.8 billion

Mutual fund assets by investment objective
 Equity mutual fund assets$778.4 billion
 Fixed Income mutual fund assets$176.0 billion
 Hybrid mutual fund assets$332.7 billion 
 Money Market mutual fund assets$427.3 billion

Mutual fund asset mix
 Equity mutual funds45%
 Fixed Income mutual funds10%
 Hybrid mutual funds19% 
 Money Market mutual funds25%

Market share for Fidelity mutual funds, by open-end assets2
(source: Strategic Insight Simfund FI, as of 12/31/13)
Updated Dec. 31, 2013

1 Includes assets of sub-advised mutual funds, stable value products, partnerships, and state cash pools.
2 Excludes VIP, ETF, and closed-end funds.

*Unless otherwise noted, all figures include Fidelity Investments Canada assets.