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Corporate Sponsorship

Fidelity Investments is committed to supporting the communities where our clients and employees live and work. At Fidelity, we believe that building a more vibrant and thriving community benefits us all.

Our approach is to partner with organizations that do good work locally, support and enhance Fidelity’s brand image and provide opportunities to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.

Each year, Fidelity Investments receives hundreds of requests for corporate sponsorship from numerous organizations in support of events and programs throughout the country. While it is impossible to fund every request, we are pleased to review all opportunities.


Sponsorship opportunities should:

  • Demonstrate value
  • Heighten awareness of Fidelity in the local and/or national marketplace
  • Provide an opportunity for Fidelity to support important programs in local communities

The benefiting organization of a non-profit organization must be a valid 501(C)3.

How To Apply For Corporate Sponsorship

Due to the high volume of sponsorship inquiries that Fidelity Investments receives, all proposals must be submitted online. Proposals are no longer accepted via phone, mail, fax or e-mail.

Please ensure that requests are submitted at least 90 days in advance of the event date for Fidelity Investments to consider participation. Response time varies but replies will be sent within 30 days. Once a proposal is submitted, status of the request can be checked online with your user name and password.

Only proposals that have been submitted online will be considered. Thank you for considering Fidelity Investments as a sponsorship partner.

Apply for a Corporate Sponsorship

If you are seeking funding on behalf of an organization or event, we welcome you to submit a sponsorship request.

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