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Commitment to Education

Backpack assemby

A guiding idea for Fidelity is to make the benefits of financial services excellence accessible to anyone, not just the very few. So just as we help our customers every day make sound financial decisions with confidence, Fidelity uses a similar approach to investing in the communities where we work and live. We accomplish this primarily through creating volunteer opportunities for our employees that use their expertise and skills to provide students with an educational foundation to feel more confident, make clearer decisions and achieve personal and financial goals.

This foundation begins with the basics – a quality, core education complete with strong analytical, critical thinking and math skills – delivered in a dynamic setting that helps young people thrive. Long-term success also requires financial education programs focused on key economic and personal finance concepts that enable students to make smart financial decisions and expand their career opportunities.

In partnership with established non-profit organizations and regional school systems, our employees help students to develop skills, knowledge and experience through academically enriching apprenticeships and tutoring, as well as transform the learning environment within the schools to help them succeed. We share our financial insights by teaching students personal finance basics, such as managing spending and saving, through in-classroom discussion, hands-on simulation activities and interactive games.

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“If you want to prove that you can tackle new challenges and lead others, volunteer to teach an apprenticeship. At the end of the ten weeks, you will have made a wonderfully positive impact on the lives of young people.”

– Fidelity Investments Volunteer